Freddy is on tour again. 3 months in South-East Asia, here we go!

About a girl from Denmark

This is to a girl I got to know in Bankok.

I had booked a boat tour through the canals of Bangkok so I went to the meeting point at my former hostel that morning. When I arrived there, I was told that it's just me and another girl, who are going on this tour. Fine. I saw her sitting inside and sat down next to her. She seemed so tough and serious. 

That day we went on that trip together. It was raining and kind of strange bc it was just the two of us with our guide. 

The circumstances were horrible, but we made the best out of it.

She was fun so we decided to have lunch together. Afterwards we strayed through the streets of Bangkok. We shared our stories, got to know each other completely in a couple of hours  and both found a little piece of safety and peace in each other. I don't know what it was about that girl but I adored her. I still do. So self confident and insecure, so beautiful but broken, so loud but also calm. 

We may not have known each other for a long time, but we talked like old friends.

After I had left Bangkok, she came to visit me in Chiang Mai again. 

A few weeks later we did our final trip together. We met in Hanoi, Vietnam, travelled to Cat Ba Island and Ninh Binh together, where I had a few of the best days of my whole trip. Sara is such an inspiring, unique person. 

I remember her sitting right in front of me laughing about my pictures on social media. She tells you to shut the fuck up when she wants to be by herself and hell yeah, I appreciate this kind of people. Honest, not easy, but loyal. I got to know a lot of People during my travels but this girl was a masterpiece of personality. 

Thank you Sara for the great time we spent together in Asia. I pray to god we meet up again at some point somewhere, somehow. Love you