Rumm umme Welt!

Hostal La Finca

Our next station was volunteering in a hostel situated in the hills next to a town called San Jerónimo, two hours away from Medellín. The hostel is runned by Alexis (half German, half Colombian) and his german girlfriend Mathilde. We were welcomed by Alesha, another volunteer, coming from Russia. 

Very soon we felt very comfortable in that place. Everybody was very nice, the surrounding was amazing, all the time good music, best weather conditions, the pool and the always available beer in the fridge made up the rest for a chilled and amazing stay. 

Our work was mainly gardening. We made new beds, planted a lot of spices, flowers and fruit trees. We also had to care about the pool, guests, the animals and keeping the place clean. 

In our free time we hiked to the old colonial city and former capital of the department Antioquia (now Medellín) Santa Fe de Antioquia. His city centre was declared as a national memorial of Colombia in 1960. I think there is no more explanations needed, that this town is very beautiful and has a very nice colonial atmosphere. During the hike we had wonderful views on the mountain ranges, which form the whole landscape over there. 

We stayed for 2 and a half weeks and every day was filled with very good conversations about everything and anything, drinking beer and very good cocktails made by Alesha with the fruits we picked while working. Alexis and Mathilde were more friends than employers to us. Especially with Alexis I had a very interesting discussion about the environment recovering from the human being, destroying it, about hope, about the intention saving the nature or rather the humans...

I miss all this guys we met there. After the stay we had another good time with Alesha in Medellín. But while traveling, in the end, there is always a goodbye, probably without seeing eachother again...



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