Rumm umme Welt!

Isla de Baru - Playa Blanca

After "hard" working on the coffee farm, we needed some free, relaxed time at the beach. So we decided to go to the Carribean city Cartagena and then to the isle "Isla de Baru", where we spend 3 nights at the "Playa Blanca" (white beach). 

I won't get into details here, so the time there can be explained in just some words: White sand, hot weather, cool drinks, sleeping and extrem hammock-chilling, turquoise blue water, nice and relaxed people, nice and especially fast sunsets, "Coco Loco's", sunburns and a lot of beach dealers, who want to sell you everything from trinkets to massages and oysters. I felt like saying "No gracias!" 50 times a day. 

So the beach is on the one hand very nice, but on the other hand very crowded with tourists, hostels, restaurants and dealers.

Anyway we had a good time there and moved on to MEDELLIN! And I can tell you already that Medellin is the best city in whole Colombia!