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Put Foot Rally 2019 (in English)

The idea, the why

In may 2018 I saw an add on Facebook about the put foot rally. I, that is me the leader, Taschi. The idea of that rally is exactly what I love doing. Driving a car through six different African countries not knowing what is going to happen and at the same time doing something good, namely giving shoes to the children. What is there better to do then travelling into the unknown on my favorite continent. I had to take part in that rally!

Finding the crew

I needed a crew. So I thought about who of my friends would be crazy enough to take part? I sent out the link of the rally to the ones with the same mindset and waited. Of course it did not take long and my sister, Nessness, was on board. And who would have known that my two favorite chicks wanted to take part too. Lena and Beatata, I met both in Australia and they live in Switzerland now. What a perfect crew, this can only be fun! 

What is this all about

Starting on 15.06.2019 we will drive three weeks through Africa in a Toyota Hilux with two rooftop tents. Starting point is Cape Town in South Africa from here we will drive through Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and end up in Mozambique. In every country there is a checkpoint we have to reach. Obviously there we will have a party. On our way we will pass by preselected schools and do shoe drops. The entire planning and financing is on us and there is no help during the rally. The journey is the destination!

Financing the shoes

IF you want to help or know someone who wants to help, this is our link https://www.givengain.com/ap/shoemasters/

All donations go directly to the put foot foundation in South Africa, they will buy shoes from it and bring them to the school kids.

Follow us here on this page, share our pages as much as you can and we will thank you with plenty of beautiful pictures and funny stories!



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