Taking the bus to Paris sounds like fun? Unfortunately, it wasn't quite. When I saw that there was a direct bus from Santiago de Compostela to Paris, I immediately thought I'd take it. Everything went well during the 20-hour journey, but I felt slightly sick for the next two days.

I arrived in Paris on a rainy Sunday morning. Since check-in is often not possible until the afternoon, I thought I'd just walk to the hostel. I still had my walking shoes on anyway. So I strapped on my backpack and started walking, watching the city slowly wake up.

I have to be honest, I wasn't Paris' biggest fan until now. So I decided to see the city a little differently this time. With an almost completely empty bank account and I wanted to avoid the big to-do's in Paris. So I spent a lot of time at flea markets, second hand shops and old bookshops. But I also had to have a few croissants. I wore my walking shoes the entire time as I had decided to walk as much as possible. Of course, this didn't make me look Paris Style Chic, but my feet thanked me. On the way through the city, I also passed by some great attractions and of course I hade to look at a bit of art as well.

The days were sunny but very cold and it got dark early. In the cold, dark evenings, I have to admit, all the shops, restaurants and cafés, in their warm lights, looked very inviting. There were also plenty of Christmas decorations and lights hanging in the streets and somehow the city managed to sneak its way into my heart.

See you soon, on the next trip.