On the way from Lisbon to Porto, I noticed everywhere how clean and polished many cities looked. Even very small towns. The Portuguese have put a lot of time and effort into cleaning up their cities, beautifying them and making them more appealing to tourists. I think they have done a good job. Especially the street art is important and used a lot. In every town you could see big and small paintings, graffiti and artworks that brought colour to the places.

In Porto, I took part in an Urban Arts Walking Tour. It was super exciting and also very beautiful. The most expensive work of art in Porto was shown. A work on tiles on the wall of a house. I also saw street paintings by a city cleaner. And we went to one of the oldest and most beautiful cafés in Porto, which is now a McDonalds.

I don't want to tell you all the stories about the art, I've forgotten more than half of them anyway. So I'll just show you the pictures. Enjoy.


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