Snow is in the air 29.12.2016

Sleeping 12 hrs --> check

Breakfast --> check

Walk through the town (aka WinterWonderland) in 30 cm of snow with snow falling down the whole time --> not really checked. Most of the time we spent on.... guess what!!!

that´s right ....*** SHOPPING*** :,(

But Jannik finally bought some good winter shoes and nice warm and

water-resistant pants and everything was reduced because of boxing week.

After a small walk around we left our shoppings at home and proceeded to warm up with a nice cup of tea – became kind of a ritual :-)

After doing a shopping list we went out again to some more grocery SHOPPING(again)

In Toronto and Hamilton we were used to go to stores like Foodbasics or FreshCo which offer a good price-performance ratio. But here not just the language is different.

But here in Montreal, Quebec there´s  no FreshCo. We found a large shop called Metro and thought this would be expensive but when we compared the prices of some smaller Shops later to the Metro prices they were a lot cheaper. Anyhow this is part of this experience, too:

A lot of shopping^^ to find out what kind of product you can get in which store and at what price.

At the end of the day we did not go back to Metro again and bought everything in a small store near our apartment : 15 CAD for: celery, potatoes, carrots, apples, and an onion...

We wanted to buy some eggs and milk too but this was just to expensive- 1 ltr for round about 3 € and eggs 12 for 3 €. Haha now that I am writing about it it´s not that bad if you think about buying 10 Bio eggs in Germany for 3 €. But if you are on work and travel every $ counts and some products just become kind of a luxury

And of course there is also the aspect of how they treat their farmers here, so they get a fair price for their product and let´s face it: We are just spoiled with our food prices in Germany.

Now we are sitting on the couch, just enjoyed our nice dinner (potato soup with carrots, which Jannik fixed up real tasty) and as you can read, we updated the blog a little.

Time for some relaxation.


Ill ne fait froid????😘

Love ya!!! Mom

And: I am very proud! Happy new year, my love XOXOXO

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