Starting with sleeping in again, walking through town, looking for a copy shop to print our bus tickets and taking the bus to one of the prettiest waterfalls nearby (Albian Falls). The cold wind was freezing and it required some climbing skills on slippery and icy stones to get a nice shot from a good angle.

Jannik took the chance to get a surge of adrenalin, so he took of his shoes & socks, tucked up his pants and climbed the rocks, laying in the rather murky, muddy water in front of the waterfall. Well you might see this in some pictures.

Note from Jannik: The water was so cold, it killed any Feelings in my feet immediately, so surprisingly it wasn't that painful :-)

To warm up we had a walk to Best Buy, hoping that they´ll have our wanted external harddrive on stock and get a good deal as it´s boxing week (some days after christmas where all the stores reduce most of their prices)

And again warming up with a cup of coffee and a treat for Jannik at Tim Hortons was inevitable.

Now finally taking the bus home with one quick stop at FresCo rounding up the provisons for the long drive tomorrow. Felt glad to be back home and wam up with supper, pack some things and then go to sleep.


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Holy cow! Jannik your a brave guy! And Anna: your English is excellence!!!!😘

Jannik: taff or tough- Anna: excellent! Sorry gor making these mistakes😜😘

I ' ll try to send not so wired messenges now- completed my iPhone language Auswahl 😀😀😀😜 with Canadian English and French!

Bienvenue in Montreal!😘