Montreal is calling 28.12.2016

Well today: Montreal is calling!!

Plan for today: Get up at 4 a.m. Leave at 5 a.m. Catch the bus to Hamilton Centre then transfer to greyhound bus to Toronto (already 45 minutes late, as last departure was at American border – 500 km away) from Toronto- transfer to Ottawa and then to Montreal ( 17:50h at new air bnb apartment)

Total journey time 12 hrs including ca. 10 hrs on the bus

clear blue sky, wonderful countryside with frozen lakes and snowy fields in the blazing sun. watching sunrise and sunset, napping, reading etc.

In the end of our endless journey through Ontario and Quebec we arrived early in the evening in Montreal. The room we booked previously on AirBNB is really nice. Everything is made out of wood. In the shared house there are usually 6 people living. But through the winter three of them are not staying, so there are only three really kind folks living here right now. We were quite surprised when they told us all of them will go on a 3-days trip to a cottage tomorrow, but hey...having the whole house for ourselves isn't bad :-D

After some small talk and dinner we went to bed around half past nine and slept...slept.....slept....



Soo ein schönes Profilbild von euch!😀😘


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