Winnipeg - St. Pierre-Jolys 06.01. - 12.01.

6th January.

Arrival was scheduled for 7:45 pm in Winnipeg. Actual arrival was 10:40 pm

And in addition to the delay caused by traffic some guy decided to use a break to get some shopping done and missed the bus. When bus driver noticed, we stopped at the next possible gas station to wait for this one person, who needed to take a taxi from the store to our current whereabouts.

The plan to inform my host dad 2 hrs before we arrive would have been nice but did not work out: Wifi was working the whole bus ride but not the last four hrs when we really would have needed it. No phone reception either: so no way to tell him about the delay.

So in the end we informed him about our arrival...AFTER arrival, but luckily Monsieur was not there yet.

Poor him, he had to leave his comfy couch at 11 p.m. to go for a one hour frive to get pick us up. And of course another hour back. Final destination: St. Pierre-Jolys at ca. 12:50.

I thought I´d fall asleep in the car like I mostly do, but I was too busy enjoying the ride and wondering about the warm feeling I had the closer we got to St.Pierre. It was like coming to a second home.

As I entered the house I started smiling as it was just the same feeling like ten years ago and even the smell was the same. You probably all know the feeling when you experience a familiar scent and immediately feel relaxed and happy at home.

And when I went up to “my old room” the feeling got even stronger.

7th of January

The day could not have started any better. Sleeping in, warm shower and a nice wonderful brunch with my host parents (eggs, coffee toast).

Monsieur was trying to arrange some “get together” with former teachers of mine and I contacted some friends as well.

I gave Jannik a little tour around town and showed him my old school. The door was open and he wanted to go in, but I said, that it might be better to do it the next day, when we go to the school anyway to meet some people.

On that day we went to Mme Carols house. Seeing her again was awesome and she seemed to be happy as well.

We had a nice chat with her and her husband, they had a little bit of wine/ Whiskey, Jannik some beer and I had a coffee.

In the evening we had the most delicious meal since a long time: Moroccan beef with rice, broccoli and some cheese.

8th of January

09.Jan 2016

Today´s schedule:

again-wonderful breakfast with egg and ham

visit the school (first day after Christmas break) to see M. Marion, Kathy Marion, Mme Roxanne, M. T., meet the new principle, short greeting in the hallway to Mme Maxine) and Jannik had to teach some German to a third grade classroom.

In the afternon Monsieur went to the insurance and we relaxed on the couch while watching some hockey.

At around 3:30 we met Monsieur T. at Le Routier.

We had coffee, Pepsi, Hot chocolate and a small portion of Poutine and talked for an hour. It started to snow so we had to go home for supper and he still had to drive all the way to Winnipeg.

Arriving home, supper was already cooked and we immediately started (spaghetti with turkey bolognese). After that Papa was so nice to drive us to our new air bnb accommodation in Winnipeg where we stayed for 2 nights in order to get to see some friends who were living in the city.

I fell asleep during the drive as usual:) The new room was sooo nice and cosy- an arm chair by the window, a large table, a little sofa, a nice bed and a huge amount of different books to read. Even a fridge and a record player with records.

We unpacked a little and in the evening we went out to grab some coffee with Nadja and her boyfriend and then went to their house to meet their young puppy which they just got. Had a very good long talk and a nice time getting entertained by the dog.