Today is the big exciting day. We slept in and then had breakfast, packed our bags and checked out at 12 o`clock. Then 10 minutes later the bus came to pick us up. Somehow I was really relaxed right now and just taking one step at a time. At the airport Jannik grabbed a bite to eat and I had a juice and a large cup of coffee.
While standing in line waiting for boarding we were surrounded by Canadians. I couldn´t help it but I was kinda sad seeing all these people with Canadian passports, because I wish I could have one myself but to be honest the chances of achieving this one day are pretty much close to zero.

I know it might sound strange and silly to some of you but spending one year in Canada again has been my dream for so long and now this dream finally came true. I should be grateful to have the chance of living my dream and I am more than that.
But I don´t quite know how to decribe my feelings...
I will learn so much in this year and will have so many great experiences that I dont want to get negative feelings in my way, or influence the multiple positive feelings I have :
I am happy, excited, somehow not nervous, which surprises me as I am usually a person who likes to know what's coming up(have some kind of security). And now it´s just an adventure: we have made sleeping arrangement for the first 8 nights and then we dont know exactly what is going to happen. Of course we have a vage plan for the first month but we do not know exact dates or times.
I would like to meet a lot of new people and may even be able to travel with them or get some tipps... making some friends and connections and see where they might lead or what they might teach us.

We had a very pleasant flight, watched some tv, listened to some music and slept a little.
After arriving in Toronto I was a little nervous because os all the "horror" stories I heard/read from other work and travellers about getting their visum: What documents the CBSA=Canadian Border Service Agents all wanted to see and what kind of questions they asked. But as we had checked out what we need in order to get the work permit and what we might be asked at the border control we actually had nothing to fear.
we went there, had all our douments ready and they did not want to know anything so we got everything done in like 10 minutes.
After that we waited another 45 minutes for our bags and then followed the very well given directions to the couchsurfers appartment.

We were greeted really kind and had a lovely welcome. After talking a while we went to bed (couch in the living room) which was really nice to sleep on.