Saying goodbye and starting a live changing experience

Hey All,
After arranging everything and preparing for the visum (administrative work, oganizing our things, get our apartment in order and packing our things) we had the chance to spend some precious time with our families again. The 7 last nights after we had left our appartment we stayed with Janniks´ family.

We would like to say that we had a wonderful time with each of you and thank you for everything!

17th December 2016
Luckily my mom (Barbara) also got the chance to visit us again. The last night was very special, especially for me, as she wanted to take us out for dinner. After packing the last things and getting our papers in order, I went to meet her in the hotel so we could drive together to the restaurant where she has made the reservation ("Hamburgs Wildnis")

We were just about to get ready and leave when we heard a knock on the door and in comes my uncle with my grandma who just arrived from "Essen" in western germany.
I was very stunned and so surprised. I had the feeling /wish before that they would come and say goodbye as a surprise, but as this was more a wish than a foreshadowing, I just thought: well let´s just see what happens:)

We all took a taxi to the restaurant and met Jannik there, my mom had ordered the christmas menu which was excellent. I couldn´t have wished for a better last evening with my family.

18th December 2016

now the time has come and our adventure starts: our 1-year work-and-travel exprience in Canada. Before we booked our flight, we compared the different destinations in Canada, the airlines and their prices. We chose Icelandair because we heard that they offer flights from Hamburg to Toronto with stopover in Kevlavik, so we thought: hey why not spend 2 nights in Iceland before.
So here we are:)

First of all we like to thank all of our family, friends and colleagues for their support in every way. Thank you for all the heart-warming wishes, the awesome presents and being there for us all the time.

First nice surprise of the day were the seats on the plane: Even though we booked just the Economy class we were seated in the Economy Comfort class which means extra large space for the legs. This was so comfy and while entering the plane they played christmas music and even decorated the luggage cabins above the seats.
Anyway it was a wonderful comfortable flight and i had the time to sleep a little, i woke up just a few times and as it just so happaned i looked out if the window when we flew right over "Sylt" so we had a nice shot of the whole island in all her glory.

After round about 3 hours we landed in Kevlavik on Iceland and of course had to pick up our backpacks first at the "odd size luggage area"

We got money from the ATM and booked two return tickets for the fly bus which drove us directly to the hotel and back.
approximately half past 5 we arrived at our hotel "The Capital Inn" in Rejkjavik and checked in. We have a really big room, which is warm and charming. We have to share a bathroom but this is no problem for us as this is very clean.

19th December 2016

After good and long 9 hours of sleep we woke up and i felt very relaxed as these beds are sooo comfy We went for breakfast and then waited for our bus tour "The Golden Circle" ( 10 o'clock in the morning and it was totally dark outside )which drove us to following sightseeing spots:

The First National Park
and last but not least the secret lagoon (internet: secret lagoon.is)

To sum this day up We can say that all four of these places were totally amazing and as it had snowed last night we drove through a perfect winter wonderland.
The secret lagoon and the geysers were probably two of the most impressive things I have seen in my whole life :
the lagoon:
100% natural hot spring water which flows into the lagoon. The ground consist of small rocks and sand and the water is 28-40°C degrees hot, especially at some spots on the side the water is so hot that you can´t stand there more than a few seconds. Of course the lagoon is not really a secret anymore, but luckily it wasn't crowded.

The geysers:
wholes in the earth which come in different sizes and shapes. From the surface they look like steaming, sometimes bubbling puddles filled with boiling water ( approx. 100 degrees hot)And some of them break out almost every 5 minutes: Then a fountain of hot water shoots out in the air with heights up to 12 m.

Now, after 9 hours we are back in the hotel and ready for a good long sleep in order to prepare for the important, even more exciting day tomorrow.

Canada is calling... =)



Heya dears! So cool to see you happy on amazing iceland! I wish you amorpheren wonderful Night and a relaxed flight tomorrow! Canada is calling!!! Big bear hugs mum (Anna's) to both of you! 😘😘😘

amorpheren 😀😀😀another


Schönen Flug und viele liebe Grüße aus dem Zippel-Büro :-)