Exploring Toronto #1 21.12.2016

Veröffentlicht: 25.12.2016

Waking up at around half past 9 surprisingly we had only minor issues with the 6 hours Jetlag.
While we had breakfast only with our Courchsurfing host, as his wife already left for work close to 6, we chatted about our plans for the day and he kindly helped us finding everything on the map and explained how we could get there.
First of all we had to make sure to get the SIN ( Social Insurance Number) so we had a nice walk through the snowy town to the city hall. We were again treated really nice ( the employe even asked us what we are planning to do over the year and gave us some suggestions and inside stories) and everything went well.

The CF Eaton Centre is a shopping mall closeby so we went there to look for some shoes for Jannik, had lunch there and enjoyed the canadian atmosphere.
We went some more around town, had a coffee with a friend of Jannik´s sister. We spent there an hour just talking exchanging some information tips, which was really helpful.
the evening we enjoyed approx 2 hrs decorating gingerbread cookies with our host which really felt like at home and braught us a little christmas feeling.



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