As we received the generous gift of 2 tickets for the art gallery of Ontario, we packed our backpacks and left at around half past 9 to see the exibition ( for like 2,5 hrs). If you go to Toronto one day you should definitely take some more time to see all the stunning exhibitions. Aftwerwards we walked around town a bit and went through china town . Jannik had some of the French-Canadian national dish "Poutine" (fries with gravy and cheese on)

Note from Jannik:"Kind of strange mix, but a good tasting meal and perfect for some bad carbs on cold winter days"

Going to the waterside was alsro really nice as there was an ice rink, where you could ice skate for free with music and lights. And of course the CN Tower looked also really impressive but 40CAD to get up there is way to expensive we thought. A few meters further down the road there was this place with old canadian locomotives which belong to the nearby railmuseum.

On our way to union station there was this guy fom Halifax who was in town for Christmas, visiting his family. He was just talking to Jannik about our camera while we were waiting or the traffic lights to turn white, YES not green. He was so kind to guide us the way while we were talking like 10 minutes. After we found out how get to Hamilton later in the evening we headed home to spend some time with our host before we had to leave.
around 6 o' clock we took the bus to the union station and there changed into the bus to Hamilton and then again had to change in order to get to our appartement. It took us 1,5 hrs in total to get from Toronto to Hamilton.

The bus driver was the most friendliest woman, she greeted everybody entering the bus and wished everyone a merry christmas or happy holidays when they left.
They were also thanking her for letting them out ( at the usual bus stops) and wishing her a merry christmas. So all in all a quite nice experience with everybody being so kind to each other.

Arriving here around 9 ' clock we had to discover that our room had not be cleaned. The owner had already wrote us ann email but we read it late so that was a quite bad surprise. Never mind, we were really tired and so went directly to bed.


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