We took a good long walk through downtown and through the snow covered woods in Hamilton to visit the nice waterfalls in this area, but after walking already 10,6 km we arrived at the first one which was frozen, anyway it was cool because you could still hear some water flowing down under it. Furtheron we passed by 2 small frozen waterfalls and then decided to go to the nearest bus station as finally 15 km through sometimes 30cm deep snow were enough for one day. Unfortunately we never reached the bigger waterfalls though.
Back home we unpacked the backpacks and walked to Walmart and to another convinience store called Bulk Barn which was really impressive and also kind of disgusting as Bulk Barn sells everything in huge plastic bins ( looking like garbage bins) – you could buy prepared powder mixture for everything (different types of cookies, crust for crispy chicken) then you could buy all kinds of candies, even chips in huge quantites and even prepared pie stuffings.
Finally we grabbed something to eat at Walmart: Jannik had noodles with just salt and tomato paste for dinner and Me enjoyed a nice plate of fresh mixed vegetables with tomato paste. This was really tasty.
Because of being so tired after the approx. 15 km walk through the snow we fell asleep at 8 and slept solid 11 hours.


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