Hamilton Day 2 - Chirstmas Eve, 24.12.2016


I woke up with a teary face, having a little christmasblues, but after cleaning up a lttle bit and going to Tim Hortons for Coffee I felt way better. Furthermore it was not rainy as the forecast predicted it, but the sun came out and the sky turned blue . None of us believes in God, but maybe Thor was in a good mood this moring.
Doing groceries was a fine idea because we found FresCo which had really good offers on vegetables and water. In the Dollarama store nearby we spent 5 $ for some candles so we can get a little bit of the Christmas mood and enlighten them in the evening while having dinner.
Special Christmas meal: Macaroni & Cheese + "BIG SURPRISE" mixed vegetables
The late breakfast at home was also really nice and skyping with our families brought christmas a little closer and made me feel better as well.
Now we are about to enjoy our 5* Deluxe dinner and wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Euch beide Frohe Weihnachten und alles Liebe und nur das Beste und alles, was ihr euch selber wünscht! LOVE Barbara

PS : Who the fuck is "Thor"??? (-: