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Registration and our first night (english)

The registration
Even though it's dark, we get to Ou Skip camp in Melkbosstrand without getting lost. First thing registration and picking up our car sticker and t-shirts. This calls for a beer; we finally made it and can start the rally tomorrow. Let’s put on our team outfit and mingle with the other teams on the dance floor. We meet some very interesting characters and see very original team outfits. Even the Jamaican bobsled team is at the beer stand! Many different nationalities and all age groups are represented. That promises a lot of fun!

The first night
"You're going to Africa? Oh how nice, It's so beautiful and warm!" I did my homework and that's why I know that's not true. Because in South Africa is winter and it is warm at daytime and cold at night time. However, 2 degrees in a tent and sleeping bag are already rather cold, but here it is really cold! We are all on the verge of a sleepless night, because when you're cold and your feet are cold all night, which you’re already prone to as women, you're not thinking about sleeping.
At 6.00 o'clock the alarm rings, I could have saved myself, because we are all awake and frozen. Getting up is not that difficult, as I imagine the warm car. Put on your clothes and brush your teeth, then we have to fold in the roof tents for the first time, which works well, because we follow the instructions of the guy from the rental place. 7.00 o'clock we sit in the car, trying to leave the campsite, but of course we get lost. That can only happen to us, but for our defense, it is still dark and we see nothing. When driving out we realize that all but a handful of teams have left. Mhh are we already too late?



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