And that one guy

Breakfast at the beach

Slowly we are moving towards the Namibian boarder, driving along the beach on winding roads. The view is beautiful and we decide to stop at Elands Bay to have breakfast. Luckily we have all our utensils in the car and can sit right at the beach and enjoy the view while eating. The sound of the waves is calming.

We decide to quickly rearrange our luggage and hide our money and valuables in different places, just in case we might get robbed. Quick somehow turns into two hours and we have a local visitor who asks in Afrikaans for money. I explain to him that we cannot understand him and therefore don’t know what he wants. He seems happy and shakes my hand. Suddenly there is a local lady calling his name and saying something to him. He immediately takes his bag and old bicycle wheel and takes off.

We are positive impressed how they are looking after us and make sure that we feel safe and comfortable. We still decide to pack up very quickly and leave after a young man passes us and the car and turns around to go back. It seems like he is checking out what we got.


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