So here comes part 2, I'm really annoyed by this buggy website..

The day after the Registan ensemble we did some more sight seeing and startet off with a mausoleum of an important prophet (Daniel) for Jewish, Islamic and Christian people. There was a sarkophage that measures 18 meters in length! 

But apart of that it wasn't really interesting for us and we went to the next stop, the Schahi-Sinda ensemble. It's a graveyard where the faces of the deceased are engraved on the tombs. Next to the graveyard are huge mausoleums with beautiful ornaments:

We went up some hill to get a good angle on the ornaments and realized that some police took notice of us, even though we went on a path that was clearly used. As we went down the hill they were super friendly and just wanted to make sure that we are ok and not bitten by some snakes that are around there. They even had a first aid box with them. 

Delighted by the friendly police we kept on going to the next stop, the Chidr mosque. This mosque is still in use but open for tourism. It's quite an eye catcher:

We sat down, took some pictures and listened to the prayers until we moved on to the last stop of the day the Bibi-Khanum mosque. On the way we found this pretty entrance to a bazar:

Even bazar entries here are made with love for the detail..

The Bibi-Khanum mosque itself is not used as such anymore and it's even bigger then the Registan! Here are some fotos:

As I am writing, all this happened yesterday. Today we went to see the Registan ensemble by daylight and it's not less fascinating! I am kinda lacking the superlatives to express that, just see for yourself:

Notice that Hanna sits in the left corner in the picture below, this thing is so big!

Make sure to check the picture section, there is even more! And here is a link for some videos in google drive, I highly recommend watching them 😌

Hanna and me are boarding a train to Khiva in about 90 minutes, it takes 11h30 and has beds! It's my first over night train and I'm already pritty excited 🤩

So next time I'm writing is far more west, the most western point on our journey, I think.


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