12.12.19 - One night in Surfers Paradise

After I met Mathias and Tara in Noosa again I decided to join them.

Since they’ve already been to Brisbane they booked a hostel in Surfers Paradise for that night and so did I.

I skipped Brisbane for that reason and I don’t regret it since I will have a lot of big city life in Sydney and Melbourne in the end of my trip.

It’s a three hours drive from Noosa to Surfers Paradise.

On my way I did a quick stop at the Glass House Mountains. Great view!

Heading towards Brisbane the highway changed.

It’s still the Bruce Highway but now it’s two lanes per way and 110kmh max.

After a few minutes driving that fast I noticed the oil temperature indicator is on the maximum. I don’t know a lot about cars but I do know it’s supposed to be half way of the display 😄

I stopped the car near a fuel station and let the engine cool down. Called the rental company and explained the problem.

Ended up refilling the cooling liquid. The tank was almost empty. Don’t know how that happened but I don’t care. I just want to return the car in Sydney in one piece.

Arrived in surfers paradise I found myself surrounded by lots of sky scrapers very close to the ocean. Went for dinner together with Tara and Mathias and enjoyed a little clubbing afterwards.




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