20.12.19 - Sydney

Arrived in Sydney I slept. I slept as much as I can.

Finally not to worry about the van anymore...

After I left Tommy in Adelaide about 4 weeks ago he made his way down to Melbourne first and now to Sydney as well.

He arrived a day after me and it was a very cool reunion. Even felt a little nostalgic sitting in the Land Rover again.

Did a little bit of sight seeing the first day’s in Sydney.

Such a beautiful and immense city.

Also the most expensive one ...

6 Bed Dorm Rooms in the city center are about 40$+ / night... at New Years season about double or three times the amount 🤣

It’s been very smoky the first days in Sydney due the bushfires. Hard to take good pictures of the opera house under these circumstances.

Still never felt threatened by the fires.

It was almost Christmas at that time. They’re playing Christmas songs in the shopping centers and selling Christmas decoration as well. They even have Christmas markets in the city center.... of course a different kind of what we’re used to in Europe.

Also met Seb again. A local Australian I’ve met on Canary Islands in Sep 2018 when he travelled Europe. Very good times back then!!

It’s such a great feeling meeting someone you’re close to so far away from home.




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