Hamilton...again 26.12.2016

Not really much to report here. We slept in and I decided to look for a coffee place where I could get a decent cup of coffee. Two of them were closed because of Christmas holiday but the third one looked pretty nice as well and it was supposed to be open so we left at around 12:30h, had coffee and a bagel with cheese and sausage on it (sausage was a meat patty, tasting like Thüringer Bratwurst). Walked around town, looking around again but as we noticed before Hamilton is not really nice but we think it´s more interesting and color-/eventful in the Summer, especially as it´s located at the waterside with its own little harbour and also a little beach.

But still we noticed that a lot of people place their garbage or rather some of their bulky waste on their porch (matresses, cupboards etc.). But like the most cities Hamilton had it´s not so beautiful streets / quarters and other one´s are really nice to look at.

We heard somewhere that it's probably one of the least appeling cities in Canada *** yeeeah and we saw it hahaha***

Arriving at the waterside ( more beautiful quarter of the city) it started to rain as the weatherforecast predicted, so returning home seemed like the best option. We stopped at a grocery store to buy some more food and then headed home, where we just lighted some candles, listened to music, had dinner and booked the next stay in Montreal.