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Cali - on the way to Ecuador

Our last stop in Colombia was Cali. The city wasn't really nice. Pretty grey, cloudy and we just didn't feel very comfortable there. But besides everything, Cali is the town of Salsa! Almost every hostel in town offers free salsa lessons, so did ours, and every night the salsa clubs are crowded as fuck and people dance the shit out of their hips. After our little salsa lesson in our hostel we went into a club and tried "something". But seeing the pros, let you more watching than dancing. Besides that I felt uncomfortable on that crowded dancefloor taking the space of the others and disturb them by doing it right. 

We didn't spend a lot of time in Cali, it was more like a little stop between Medellín and the border to Ecuador. So we just hiked up the hill to the christo del Rey and the mariposario (butterfly house), and saw the park of the cats. 

After a couple of days we left Cali with the bus to the border to enter Ecuador. Léa and me were already joking about leaving Colombia without being robbed once... 

Guess what happened?! On the bus ride Léa was robbed. Somebody took here money out of here daypack, which was under the seat. We recognized that on a little stop to have diner. Léa wasn't able to pay. It wasn't much money and we were happy that passport and credit card were still there. Telling the bus drivers didn't really help. They were more laughing about this than taking it serious. We thought: "okay it was just money, whatever!" 

Getting out near the border we had to ascertain that her backpack wasn't in the bus load any more. So it wasn't just money, it was also the ticket for her backpack. 

Again the bus driver wasn't helping at all. He was more blaming us for being so stupid to get robbed. Well we were the only tourists with backpacks on this bus. Who gave the backpack to somebody else? Exactly! Stupid Mr. bus driver! 

Crossing the border was thankfully very easy and we entered Ecuador and we took the bus to Quito. 

Thank you Colombia for being an awesome country with so many different landscapes, beautiful cities, nice people, for being cheap and letting us travel in this beautiful piece of the world. I will definitely come back! 



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