Ready for Take Off

Veröffentlicht: 14.01.2019

Tonight my journey will start. With Austrian Airlines I will take off at 11.20 pm from Vienna and a direct flight with AUA - and my favorite airline and my favorite flight attendant will take me in 10 hours to Bangkok. As my friend Susanne will be on the crew of this flight I have the chance to stay with her and her colleagues in their hotel in Bangkok for a night before I will move to a hostel. So my trip starts quite fancy :).

It was not easy to pack all my stuff in this "little" backpack. I packed and unpacked several times til I made it and now my backpack has 8 kg only. In case anyone is interested I will add a packing list in a while. However I have a very small handbag for the things I need on the airplane as well. This is were I have my ipad and my kindle, my headphones, my stuffed animal "traveling owl" and other personal items which I might need on the flight. I reserved a window seat, so I might have a chance to sleep on the plane. A very important item which accompanies me on every long flight and about which I found out thanks to my friend Petra is a foot hammock - which makes the flight in economy class soooo more comfortable when you are able to put your feet and legs up a little higher. 
I am excited, but to be honest my feelings are a little mixed. For many of you this trip might not be too adventurous, however for me it is quite a challenge - traveling all by myself with a small backpack only. I have not done a trip like this in ages. And I hardly ever stayed in hostels. So it will be a new experience. But what makes it most difficult is the fact that I am already homesick even before I left home :(. I miss my husband already now and I am still home. When I cuddle up to my husband in the warmth of the night I was thinking " why I am doing this? why do I leave my warm bed and my safe home for an adventure at the other end of the world?". While I was feeling excited about my trip during daytime I have been laying awake a lot during the last nights questioning my endevaour. So let´s see how my feeling will change during the next days.

Antworten (2)

Mein Kompliment, liebe Silvia! Ich hätte Sorge mich zu verlaufen: Straßenschilder, die ich nicht lesen kann, Durchsagen in einer Sprache, die ich nicht verstehe.... Sehr mutig!

Danke, liebe Angela! Aber Thailand ist das ideale Land für backpacker Anfänger! Das würdest du sicher schaffen!! Und die Hunde auf der Strasse sind alle wohlgenährt und sehen gesund aus