The arrival and my first few days in Ireland

Veröffentlicht: 18.10.2016

My host family, which had been mygirlfriend's au pair family last year, welcomed me very nicely andhelped me during my first days. I am very thankful to the familyClissmann. Having such a great host family makes life much easier.

View from the house

In my first days I managed severalthings. I lapplied for the PPS number, which is nearly the same as aSozialversicherungsnummer in Germany, and I opened a current accountat an Irish bank. The application for the PPS number was verydifficult, because the office needs to proof your address, which isvery complicated without an Einwohnermeldewesen in Ireland. I had togo there a second time on Monday but in the end the application wassuccessful. During opening a bank account I was impressed howdigitized Irish banks are. There is a great difference to Germany!Opening an bank account took about 15 minutes. But enough of redtape! I should tell you about the acitivities in my first days inIreland.

On Friday a former au pair and herboyfriend came to visit the family. They are staying here untilTuesday. On saturday we went with one of the family's children to thebeach in Arklow. The weather was great. In conclusion it was a verynice trip. You could view a picture below.

The seafront in Arklow

The following day we went to mottestone, where you have a good view over the whole region. Check thepictures below to get some impressions.

View from the motte stone

Yesterday I went to Bray and Dublin. Istayed in Dublin for a very short time and just visited TrinityCollege. In Bray I did the Bray cliff walk. You had a great view overthe cliffs and the sea.

Trinity College Dublin

Bray cliff walk

After the cliff walk the host familyinvited us for a dinner in a restaurant in Glendalough. The mealtasted very well and it was a lovely evening with some niceconervsations. At the end of the day I was very tired and went to bedvery early.