a week between city and countryside

Veröffentlicht: 20.11.2016

Last weekend was very calm and I spent most of the time on relaxing at home. Only on Saturday I went to a Pub in Dublin city centre with some friends. This weekend was quite boring, but somteimes you need a boring weekend to calm a little bit down. During the week I was working and I went to the gym in some evenings. Working is very good and I really like it. This firday some Irish friends and me went to some pubs. It was very nice and we visited very typical Irish pubs, which I really like. I am very happy and thankful, that my Irish collegue Paul and his friends take me with them so often. They are all very nice people. Yesterday, my flatmate Riccardo and me went to the Wicklow mountains. Firstly we vistied the Powerscort Waterfall. I took us a lot of effort to go there, because there was ice, snow and sheep close to the road. Especially on the top of some mountains, which we had to cross, it was a very exiting trip. Finally we reached the waterfall after a 1,5 hrs journey. The Powerscort Waterfall is the highest waterfall in Ireland. I attached some photos.

Me in front Me in front of the Poweof the Powerscort Waterfall

Powerscort Waterfall

Afterwards we went to the national park in Glendalough and then we visited the family Clissmann. It was very nice to see them again. After dinner we went home, but we took the motorway instead of the small roads thorugh the mountains. Ultimately it was a very nice trip. Today we will go to the Pub to watch the Bundesliga. See you!