25.11.19 - Bye Adelaide / Hi Cairns! ✈️


It’s Monday morning 6am. I’m at Adelaide airport and waiting for my flight to Cairns.

Last days were filled with recovery.

Did a bit of shopping and finally managed to put my feet on a dance floor again. Good to be back in the game after 4 weeks haha.

Tried didgeridoo for the first time and made a few new friends here.

Yesterday it was time to say goodbye for Johnny and Tommy.

He was the first guy I met in Australia since he picked me up at the airport in Perth. Together we came all the way from the west coast to Adelaide. Of course it wasn’t always easy but we managed to work it out in the end! So glad to met him. Couldn’t have had a better travel buddy to start my journey!

Also said goodbye to the two girls (Lara and Pati) we met at the campsite in Esperance. We did the Nullarbor together and went through a few ups and downs of each of us ... this trip demanded a lot of strength and stamina!

Didn’t expect to get that close in that short time which made it even harder to say goodbye.

Watched the sunset at Glenelg beach together yesterday and had a really good time.

It was the last time watching the sun sets over the ocean for a while since I’m going to the east coast now.

Good news is that the sunrise will be the better 😜

Now off to Cairns! ✈️ 


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