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You can only love Africa

We are driving into Steinkopf as the sun is about to go down. We are looking for a campsite. Steinkopf is a very small village and apparently it does not have a campsite. But we saw a guest house when we drove through. We drive back to Cedswill Guesthouse and ask for the price. The price seems too high for us little greedy backpackers, so we ask the very lovely and friendly owner if we could camp in his yard instead. He agrees to let us camp in his front yard for a small fee. He even gives us access to the bathroom in one of his guestrooms. You got to love these African people and the opportunity to bargain. After a delicious pasta meal homemade in our portable outdoor kitchen we play some cards and crawl in our beds, grateful for the warmer climate in this little town. Only the fact that there seems to be a party all night and people love to honk at our tent isn’t great.



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