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Sand dune boarding (english)

Today, there is finally something for the adrenalin level. We go to the sand dunes. None of us knows how to snowboard, but that does not matter. Arrived in the desert, we are instructed and provided with helmets, shoes and boards. Then we are climbing the dunes in the heat. This is extremely exhausting and, moreover, it is getting windier. Once at the top, we can hardly see or hear anything, because the wind blows the sand around our ears. A full body peeling is included for free. The guides want to cancel the whole thing but we are unstoppable, we want to board! Quick lesson how to stop and we are ready to go. The first run is a bit scary, but already on the second lap we all feel like pro boarders. If only the walk up would not be so exhausting and the wind would not get stronger.
We manage with more or less heavy falls four times down the mountain. Of course, I fall at my last run and brake with my nose. But nothing else happened. Now we deserve a cold beer, meanwhile the sand has made its way into all body openings. But it was worth it. I highly recommend it. Alter Action Adventures in Swakopmund are doing a great job.


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