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Masters of the Disasters (english)


Wer sind wir denn nun eigentlich?

Taschi aka Naschti: The leader, leader, leader. Follow the leader, leader leader…

My personality and energy would feed three and I talk for five, but hey I got to compensate my body size somehow! Once I got an idea, there is nothing that can stop me, not even a broken spine this year could stop me from taking part in the rally. 

Nessness aka Nessi: My (little) sister, she actually does not like humans and is a bit introvert. We understand each other most of the time without words. She does the research secretly in the background and hands me the information. Be cautious, once she drinks alcohol, no one is safe from her.

Lena:  The mum, we met in Australia and lived together for six month with our mattresses not more then 20cm apart. She likes it clean and organized at home and she likes to cook a tasty meal. She is always in for a night out and parties hard all night. 

Beatata aka Bea: The confused, Lena's little sister. We also met in Australia, once she arrived we pushed our mattresses together so that we all could sleep. Most of the time she acts and reacts according to her hair colour. She is in for anything and only realizes afterwards. 



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