Maya Around the World
Hi guys! My Name is Maya and I'm 26 years old. I come from a caotic and religious family. My dad is from the Filipines and my mom is from the States, Utah. Since I was a child I loved to travel around the world. Since then I've travelled to 38 countries. Come with me and enjoy the view of a solo female traveler.

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka was one of the first countries I've ever visited as a solo traveler. Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean. Mostly you overlook this island because it is small. Although it is so small, this island hides a long history. Now you're wondering is it safe to travel there alone as a woman? Yes sure! But only if you follow certain rules:

·If you travel alone, you must be sure where you want to rest the night. Don't go to a local 1 star hotel which is far away from the main town area.

·You should avoid wearing revealing clothing if you are travelling trough the night.

·If you travel for a long distance you have to make sure, that you have a second sim cart. It is only needed if you use a lot of data.

·You also should make sure that you always have your passport and ID ready.

Sea side
Train ride through Sri Lanka
Train ride through Sri Lanka

Besides all of these rules, never forget that you can take care of yourself even if you are a "woman".

We are strong and independent ❦ !