For her the ocean was more than a dream, it was a place she needed to visit to find herself & when she   returned to the city, you could see the sun in her eyes, the wind in her hair  and taste the infinite salt on her lips.         - Jose Chaves ☼

Roadie with legends

November 2017 & the rest of the Dingo's Pack I started working with finally left Rainbow Beach. It was a hard see ya but with all the new adventures ahead of us we were ready to go.

First stop, pf course, Noosa . The boys were really hungover from the Bingo Night before so we had to stop to get a beer to cure their hangover. The rest of us, Noa and me, who wasn't damaged just enjoyed the last hours.

Next stop: Mt Tamborine for a little cool down and then Surfers Paradise for Lunch.

Surfers is pretty much like everyone says, party  party party. Although the beach is really nice , longer than your eyes can see, clear blue water and the waves are massive .I had the feeling of being at the Ballermann ( all my German friends know what that means). 

So we've decided to  see Springbrook Nationalpark .

I knew it from, of course, Instagram pictures of waterfalls and green as far as you can see. It definitely exceeded all my expectations.

We've stayed at cheap or free camping grounds every night, Went to bed with the sun ( sometimes a bit later and with wine) and woke up when the sun rose ( me at least :) ).

I was really excited and I think all of us when we headed down to BYRON BAY. When I got to Australia Byron was on top of my Must-see list and for some reasons (most of the time I was broke and just had to go wherever I could work or do work for Accomodation).

Happy faces
Coffee is the key to my heart
walk to Wategos Beach
little yoga session on Wategos Beach

We hired bikes to explore Byron Bay in the classy way

Suffolk Park
View from the Lighthouse
THE Lighthouse of all Lighthouses
Street art at night

Byron Bay vibes are hard to explain. You just have to feel it yourself.

It's a smallish town, with people that like to live on the bright side of life, Some would call them Hippies. Drum sessions by the beach every night, good coffee and food around every corner.

they know how to make food look good, for sure.

We stayed in Byron for a whole week, for one : we really liked it and secondary our little trouble with one of our "travel mates". Let's not talk about it.

SYDNEY here we come...

Icebergs Bondi Beach

Everyone who knows me, knows I'm a sucker for Syndey. Not because of the City but because of the beaches. Many people say, Bondi is absolutely overrated, but look at this. How could this ever be overrated?

Little sneak peak in how every single photo of me gets taken :)

You get to a different beach within less than 20 min. You can walk along the whole coast without ever having to walk inland. Ocean as far as you can see.

Manly, my favorite place.

It's expensive to live there but man it's worth it.

In Sydney we say goodbye to Harry and take Declan on board.

Next stop: topless in the Blue Mountains.

getting lost and feeling like we've reached Uluru.

who says camping food must be basic.

bonfire classics

tanned and happy faces

and from one great spot to the next one: Great Ocean Road.

The perfect spot to end the perfect Road trip with nearly no drama and the best Road trip buddies you could wish for !

Love you long time <3