For her the ocean was more than a dream, it was a place she needed to visit to find herself & when she   returned to the city, you could see the sun in her eyes, the wind in her hair  and taste the infinite salt on her lips.         - Jose Chaves ☼

Rainbow Beach my love ...

It's been quiet on here for a while now.

I have started the blog while I was living in the middle of the rainforest idyll of Mission Beach where I had a lot of time to relax, think and be "creative".

That changed a bit .

After I have left Mission Beach, I packed my bags to drive all the way down the coast to Rainbow Beach to start working at Dingo's Backpackers , a busy hostel which offers trips to Fraser Island ( and a loooot of alcohol ).

I have worked there for over 3 months, doing housekeeping, preparing dinner and making pancakes in the morning while living with 9 other people, cockroaches and mice in a really small room.

Let's put it like that: It was cozy, we worked 7 days a week without a single day of break but we all grew together to a big , very international family (England, Italy, Sweden, Scotland, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia).

The work was hard sometimes, it was hot, some of the staff members made our lives even harder, but as a team, you can overcome anything.


Dingo's crew and some fans

It was May and it was time for our well deserved Fraser Island trip and afterwards, to leave, but I couldn't .

My time had not come yet.

So I got the opportunity to work behind the amazing reception and in the small but really busy Café Jilarty. Those 2 jobs were actually my first real jobs in Australia ( after over 6 months being in Australia)

I moved into a small but absolute fabulous place.

Jim has the perfect Beach House, although it's not right by the beach . I could come home and relax, he cooked a lot for me, I was in heaven :)

The Team was still together, more or less, a lot of new people had come and left over the months. All of them great and unique characters.

We've played a lot of Bingo, got drunk nearly every day of the week and had bonfires on the beach. I bought my first Surfboard and saw my first whale family at Double Island Point and not to forget that I (afraid of hights) jumped out of a plane from 14000 ft.

I kayaked with dolphins and the amazing team of Epic Ocean Adventures in the clearest water under the clear blue sky of the Sunshine Coast.

 Skydive Rainbowbeach

 could it get any better ?!

What I enjoyed most were the 5am sunrises overlooking the Great Sandy National from the famous Carlo Sandblow and daytrips to Creeks (including legendary rope swing fails) and Lake Poona.

 Lake Poona

Every now and then I did my little tours to Noosa, my little getaway whenever it got a bit too cozy in Rainbow Beach. I have found the best Tattoo Artist and Acai Bowls there as well.

Noosa Main Beach

Sunrise at Sunshine Beach

Murphy Campbell @ Whitetiger Tattoo Noosa

sometimes all a girl needs is a day with her favourite boys

I can easily say that I had the best time at the Sunny Coast, it's become my home and I'm looking forward to go back one day.



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