On the road again
On the road again

04.06.2023 Watching some whales

Veröffentlicht: 05.06.2023

I got up a bit later again, most of the group was on the excursion, only a few didn't go. We hadn't received any feedback if they were able to book a new tour or not.

So I asked again and they hadn't booked a tour yet but we could still book one. 

I booked the one for 5pm since felix was still in bed recovering from the techno rave.

We watched a movie together with the others that were still at the house and then started making our way to the harbour, since we hadn't received any cancellation yet.

We were still quite unsure since the weather wasn't the best and the tours had been cancelled so many times before.

But when we reached the ticket shop it was actually open and had even received our booking.

We were able get our tickets and quickly hop on the boat. There were 2 boats connected together, the first was just a gift shop while the second one was the actual boat.

There were about 20people on the trip and after a quick safety instruction we started heading to the open sea.

Our guide Anna told us that they hadn't seen any whales yet today. But a few dolphins were spotted during the 1pm tour.

The sea was a bit rough and the boat did some heavy up and down motion while riding over the waves.

We reached our watching spot and started driving some circles. It took a bit but suddenly we saw water being blown out from the surface nearby.

A humpback whale had just surfaced and we even saw it's tail fin before it went for a deep dive.

About 15min later the whale surfaced again and actually did a small jump out of the water, showing it's full size and side fin.

It was a smaller one but still quite impressive. After a while we heard a second burst of water and saw another humpback whale quickly surface and then dive.

It was a cool experience being able to see two maybe even three different whales diving around us. We also saw a lot of cute little puffins flying around our boat.

Then we started heading back to the shore. After a long wait, we had finally seen some whales.

The whales were quite far away for my little phone camera but I should get some better pictures from the organization.

We returned back home, had our dinner and spent the evening playing some games and relaxing.

Tomorrow we have another excursion planned to see even more of Iceland.

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Hallo Nick, wat fijn eindelijk wat walvissen gezien, misschien zie je er nog wel eens. Je hebt eigenlijk meer vakantie dan werken, zo ontdek je toch meer van IJsland. Leuke foto's knuffel en een fijne dag Oma xxx