• It is time to leave the Tableland Regional and go west via the Savannah way to Cobbold Gorge.

  • First stop on our way were Big Millstream Fall. A short walk downhill and you could already see this big fall. On our way were only very few other people, so no well known fall like the waterfall circuit falls with crowds of people coming and going

  • Next we stopped along the Savannah way at the Forty mile scrub stop for some information about the area and short break from driving.
  • We decided to take the detour to Undara lava tubes first before heading to Kalkani crater. At Undara we didn´t want to go for a lava tubes tour to walk through the tubes, but wanted to got to 2 lookouts described on maps. Unfortunately, upon arrival we realized that all lookouts weren´t accessible without a tour anymore , but for a tour one would have to book an overnight stay at the Undara accommodation.
  • So we left a bit disappointed for the second detour to the Kalkani crater. It is a walk of about 600m up-hill to the rim with lots of butterflies, where the longer rim walk starts. On the rim walk you can see & follow many wallabies. While Stuart was having a short break from the walk and the heat, he was also watched curiously by a wallaby...

  • Our next stop required driving for quite some time via a gravel road (again), so we were at first a bit worried that the car might get further damaged (after our experiences at Cape York), also because there were not only wallabies but often cows standing on the street as a little surprise in or just after a bend. But nothing further happened, so we reached Copperfield Gorge in the late afternoon. It is a quite spectacular lookout, although probably better to visit in the morning than in the afternoon due too the position of the sun and the shadows.
  • As it was already quite late and the sunset in just under 3h we couldn´t stay long at the Copperfield Gorge but drove on to Cobbold Gorge via Forsayth. All on gravel road with many, many wallabies it was a challenging drive to not hit or even kill any wallaby. Twice the brakes and the change of route of the jumping wallaby scarcely saved the wallaby from getting hit by the car. Just about 15min after the sunset we arrived at Cobbold Gorge where we enjoyed the red sky about half to one hour after the actual sunset.

  • Stuart then decided that the bar at Cobbold Gorge is just perfect for a cocktail after being so scared we would hit a wallaby on the street - two almost wildlife casualties makes two drinks for the evening.