03.12.19 - Car brake down / Townsville / Magnetic Island

Just a few notes what happened in the beginning of last week (it’s Saturday 07.12. 09:32pm atm - I’m laying in a tent at cape hillsborough... but more on that tomorrow haha)

I’ve had a few second thoughts about the campervan in the beginning. Since I joined the group after the van was already booked I had no argument on that decision.

Well.. on the third day the van wasn’t starting in the morning 🤣

We stayed on a free campsite that night. Away from any cities. Luckily someone jumped started our car and we made it to the next small town.

The sun had no mercy with us that day... so f**** hot and sweaty 🥵

After a few phone calls with the rental company and roadside assistance the mechanic was able to analyze the problem.

We had to bring the car to the next bigger city to get it fixed so that’s what we did. Townsville it was!!

Stayed in a creepy hostel that night since we had to leave the car at the mechanic.

Took the ferry to magnetic island the next day and checked into a beautiful hostel.

Had a good time on the island. Fed rock wallabies and spotted a koala in the wildlife.

Also enjoyed a stunning view while the sun set after a small hike on the forts walk.

Got back to townsville the next day and the car was fixed!

Kind of a blessing in disguise!

Took the car to Airlie Beach on the 04.12.




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