01.12.19 - Mission Beach Skydiving / Murray Falls

Many things are happening these days... Tired af but have the feel I might regret not writing.

Took the camper van from the rental office on Saturday 30.11.19 and came across a few waterfalls that day. Drove to mission beach campsite in the afternoon and spent the first night together.

Sunday morning I went for my first skydive.

15.000ft / 4,5km altitude and about 60 seconds free fall.

Always been afraid of heights and a little of flying too. I’ve never been to Berliner TV tower because of that haha.

Don’t know the reason but i felt it was about time to face that fear. Everything went very fast. Made peace with life the moment the door of the plane opened. Crazy feeling ...

Came across Murray falls that afternoon and went for a swim again. Queensland’s nature up here amazes me every day again!

Went to a free campsite that evening and spent the night.




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