Let's get started


Hey and hello to everyone, welcome to Remy's journey through the fantastic land of OZ.

If you are following this blog you'll be accompanying Timo, Lene and our beloved Remedy (Remy) on our adventure from Melbourne to Perth. We'd love to have you on board! 

Our journey starts in the Docklands with a last stunning sunset and a golden spotlighted skyline of Melbourne City. That's the right way to say goodbye to this amazing city and our much adored balcony view! Tonight we'll only drive down to Mornington Peninsula to dedicate our rooftop tent and get a head start for the early bird rate into the Hot Springs. 

Wish us a quite night, 

we'll keep you posted XO 


good luck for your journey anh i hope to hear about your trip regularly!! greetings dad.

Take care of eachother. Hope to hear you soon. Lovley Kisses..

hallo hallo hallo

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