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Solitaire to Swakopmund (english)

We had a quiet and restful night. Except that shortly before we went to bed Lena almost got eaten by a big lion, which turned out to be a Jack Russell dog.

By sunrise we are driving out of the campsite and immediately feel like we are on a safari game drive. Zebras are crossing the road right in front of us; Oryx is grazing on the side of the road. We also see some jackals, springboks and baboons. On our way to Walvis Bay we find a little cave and go for a hike. Once we are in Walvis Bay we go to spot some flamingos at flamingo bay and to have some food at another beach. Today is our lucky animal spotting day; we even get to see some seals and a whale on that beach. Wow what a day! We are happy and grateful to be here on this amazing trip.

The destination for today is Swakopmund. We booked a beautiful little apartment. Once we are settled and refreshed we start exploring the town. It looks like we are back in Germany, the buildings and names are all German. We even have to ask to find a restaurant that serves African food. Somehow it feels wrong that we are in a Country so far away from Germany and people still speak German and everything looks like at home.

At least the African restaurant is amazing. The food is excellent and at the end of the night we have a private concerned. A group of ten young Namibian men sing and dance for us. This is the perfect finish for this day.


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