Grand Canyon

I was Starting in Denver with my Aunt and my Oncle we made a Road Trip all the way to the west coast. We Drove past the Grand Canyon South Ramp and stayed there over Night. Its very beautiful you cant imagine the view on the southramp. I highly recommend this place i never saw something like that in Nature its unique.

Be aware of the Heat, its so hot always take some water with you so you dont dry out. The People there are so nice every one is calm and chilled. I think the people there are working in this place because they want to be near the Nature. They are very positive and nice.

The Grand Canyon South Ramp is so impressive too. Its the same Canyon but a completly diffrent view but as beatiful as the north Ramp. It was nice to see both ramps i am never forgetting this expirience in my life.

As i said my Tipps would be always have some Water with you. The people there are nice and will help you dont worry 👍🏻