On the road again
On the road again

20.05.2023 Workshops and hot tubs

Veröffentlicht: 21.05.2023

In the morning we started with a photography workshop. The goal this time was to recreate famous paintings with photos.

Me and felix went for Sunrise by Claude Monet and eternity's gate by vincent van gogh. They turned out quite well I would say.

Then it was mine and suus turn to cook. Since we had a lot of time we decided to make oven fries. So we cut up all the potatoes to strips and baked them in the oven which took a lot longer than we thought.

We added some vegetables and falafels aswell and it all turned out quite good but took a lot longer than we thought.

Afterwards we made our way to meetup with the other camp group and have a roleplay debate where one group was the government trying to build a new lithium mine and the other was a group of villagers that lived close to the mine and didn't really want this mine to be build.

It was a worker for the company that wanted to build the Mine so we tried to offer the townspeople schools, medicine, agriculture, anything to get them to agree.

Even though we knew the mine would be very unhealthy and probably damage the sorrounding forest.

After multiple discussion we were not able to find and agreement. Which led to the townspeople getting forcefully moved by the police and the mine was built anyway.

So we won in the end.

I guess.

Then we went to a nearby hottub pool. Which was nice becausr at that moment it was hailing outside.

In Iceland you have to shower before entering the pool and the special part is that you have to do so, naked.

Afterwards you can put your swimming clothes on. Also phones are not allowed.

The hot tubs were really nice they went until 42° which was too hot for me, but the also had 7° pools to cool down again, which reminded me of ice swimming in sweden.

There were also steam baths which I could hardly breath in so that wasn't for me.

We then returned to the house, played some games, had dinner and just a nice evening.

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Hallo Nick, Weer een mooie dag gehad, vind je fotografie leuk? De frietjes zagen er heerlijk uit, en met verse aardappelen duurt het inderdaad langer. Knuffel Oma xxx

ja het is ok, ik hou van het creatieve, maar niet van de fotografie zelf.