We climbed the mountain mazar! Little text, many pics

Übrigens, die Travel-Essentials gibt es hier - ein Muss für Deine nächste Reise!

Im not going to bomb you guys with so much text as the last time but wanted to share the fotos of today since the mountain was SO beautiful.

For the way back we hitchhiked again and a truck with a horse took is with him. The truck had only one space in the front (there were already 2 adults and 2 children inside) so I went in the back with the horse. Its been GREAT! I'll send you a video if you text me on some messenger 😌

Tomorrow we'll probably be going to Usbekistan where it's even warmer. Hanna and I got oir first (small) sunburn today, even tho we used sun blocker at least 3 times each.

Anyway, enjoy the fotos! If you want more here is a video of the entire panaroma, I even talk a bit 😂