Hi there!

I ran out of storage on my phone and moved all fotos to USB Sticks, so I can't provide you with fotos of the last days in Australia. That isn't too bad tho because it rained a lot and I didn't do a lot. It rained so much that Olufs garden got flooded.

When I went back to Sydney I drove about 30 minutes along flooded areas

This is usually dry

It looked for 30 minutes like wetlands, just that it usually isn't wet. Australia really is a country of extreme weather.

The flight to New Zealand was uneventful, immigration not a big deal. There was a party night I arrived and I took the chance to test the night mode of my camera, I REALLY like the results. Not that these fotos are done without a tripod, just holding the phone with the hands.

Today I was checking official car sellers but they don't have a lot of camper vans. I have tomorrow three appointments with travelers selling their cars on Facebook, I'm confident that I find something good soon!

Stay tuned, New Zealand is going to be crazy 🤩