• Laid back days at Karumba Point: in the morning drive to the Karumba bakery for a sweet start in morning with a cream bun, lemon tart and a chocolate muffin. Get some groceries in the local store and head back to the accommodation.

Stuart having a sweet start in the day

Get some remote work done, some photo sorting & doing the laundry while sitting on the half-sunny balcony of the accommodation - relaxed days. We also went for a walk to the announced market, but well, there were 4 people selling some stuff, so far from what we consider "market".

  • For the evening we went just across the street of the accommodation to have a look at the sunset in the sea. As these days there was full moon, Stuart was very much enjoying these tranquil days of travel.

Sunset at Karumba Point
Sunset at Karumba Point
Stuart with full moon at sunset time

The next morning we got a call from reception, that our for the afternoon scheduled dinner sunset tour was cancelled. Disappointed about the news, we went to Karumba point to get some fruit & veges to make dinner ourself before heading into Karumba town for the bakery again. Making the best of the day, went on a longer walk to watch some birds and wallabies.


For the evening we were making our way then to where the tour was supposed to start to watch the sunset at least from there once again.

Sunset at Karumba Point
Sunset at Karumba Point