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Me, my backpack and my camera decided to travel the USA from West to East.
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I'm in Seattle now

I'm in Seattle now

Finaly I'm in Seattle. I have a huge jet lag, but first other things....

The flight from Zurich was great. To fly business is an experience. The service and the food (except the salad) was great. The best was, I could lay flat and got some sleep. The first time ever in a plane!

Somewhere in Switzerland... :)

Then New York JFK. What a f****** mess! Seriously! I was happy when I saw, that my ESTA is still valid and I can choose the automated kiosk for customs and immigration. They also put a lot more machines there, since last year. So far, so good. But do you know what? All the machines were "out of service" and if you're lucky to get a working one, all requests are X-out. That sucks! Hundreds of people were waiting, all stuck. After an hour (okay felt like 3 hot hours), I was able to clear immigration....

Another thing I don't understand is, why there is no transit way to the gates? Why do I have to go through the whole security screening again?

Actually I only had 2 hours left of my 4 hours stay at JFK. The flight to Seattle was okay, but it kind of sucks, if you have to sit in economy after a business flight. The 6.5 hours flight time, felt really long. ;)

In Seattle went all well. I grabbed my bag and went to the taxis. Thanks to the taxi driver I could save 20 bucks! He told me it is better to take the free shuttle to the hotel! Thumbs up, really nice move!



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