Day 41-43 Kings Canyon

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It´s time to explore Kings Canyon! So just a short stop to fuel up in Alice Springs before heading to the Red Centre Way. On the way, Stuart has a short rest at Grave of John Flynn, the founder of the royal flying doctor services, in the hope we will never require this service on our trip.

Red Centre Way
Stuart at Grave of John Flynn

On the way some multi-language signs reminded us again and again to fasten our seat belt, so seems to be a problem around here… Heading towards Hermansburg for a short rest & revive with only a short glimpse of Hermansburg Historic Precint over the fence before entering the Mereenie Loop Road to Kings Canyon. About 155km gravel road, but in a pretty good condition – no camels, horses or kangaroos except on signs, but a few donkeys along the way. Just before we reach Kings Canyon, short stop for a distant view of it and a short break. After check-in heading to a sunset area just nearby where you buy your drinks, sit down, listen to the music and relax while watching the sun set. A few clouds on the sky made it look even better that evening.

Fasten your seat belt
Hermansburg Historic Precint
Kings Canyon Sunset
Early sunset
Late sunset

Next morning big day for the Kings Canyon Rim Walk. It is a 6km loop, which took us just over 4h with lots of photo stops. The first section is a steep climb but afterwards it is mostly a flat walk over some stones along the rim with amazing views into the canyon. The first small detour takes you closer to the canyon, including some stairs up & down, but all worth the view. After some walking along the rim, a staircase follows deep down to the creek with the water & trees & birds. Just before a staircase takes you up to the rim again, you can take the worthwhile detour to the Garden of Eden. The detour shows the water and green trees, palms, fern before ending at a waterhole (no swimming allowed), where you can have a break in the shade watching some birds flying over the water and in the trees. Back from the detour it is a steep but short staircase up to the rim again. After passing some Sandstone domes you reach the gate, where the Southern Rim Walk ends. The rest of the walk is not so fascinating anymore (Southern Rim Walk), but is part of the 6km loop leading back to the car par. So, to do a walk, the Kings Canyon Rim Walk is recommended as in the end, it is only about 1km longer than the Southern Rim Walk but a lot more to see.

Start of Kings Canyon Rim Walk
Kings Canyon Rim Walk
Kings Canyon Rim Walk
Kings Canyon Rim Walk
Garden of Eden
Kings Canyon Rim Walk - Sandstone domes

In the late afternoon we were heading to the sunset area for some drinks, live music and of course the view on Kings Canyon. This evening no clouds, so not as spectacular as the night before decided Stuart. For dinner we were heading to the Thirsty Dingo for some Pizza, which was ok, but not superb.

Stuart at Kings Canyon for sunset
Sunset area - drinks & live music
Change of color at sunset

Early start to see the sunset not only from the balcony but at the Lookout for Kings Canyon. The sunrise was not as spectacular and not so interesting colours as on sunset time. Heading back for the big breakfast there were many birds to watch and some didn´t mind us coming up close. Later in the day we decided to go for the Kathleen Springs Walk to a water gorge (no swimming). No emus or kangaroos to see, but some birds and a fresh breeze scared the annoying flies away.

Sunrise at Kings Canyon
Sunrise at Kings Canyon
Kathleen Springs Walk

As the Kathleen Springs Walk was not very long, we drove a little further to the Kings Creek station. Stuart was exited to see finally some camels, although not wild ones, but for tours and burgers on offer. Stuart didn´t want to kill a camel for food, so decided to enjoy some coffee gelato on an old chair in front of the Souvenir Shop.

Kings Creek station camels
Kings Creek station gelato stop for Stuart

Heading back, it was still early in the day, so we decided to go for the short 1h Kings Creek Walk. It´s an easy stroll through the creek with towards the end views of the Canyons Walls, but there are by far not as spectacular views as you get with the longer & more strenuous Kings Canyon Rim walk. For the evening one last time watching the sunset at Kings Canyon before packing our stuff for heading back the next morning to Alice Springs.

Kings Canyon Creek Walk
Goodbye Kings Creek Sunset Point


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