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Being a tourist for a day or two

SkógafossBeing a tourist for a day or twoBeing a tourist for a day or twoBeing a tourist for a day or twoSome people just don't know how to take pictures......when even a selfie looks better!Being a tourist for a day or twoThe open air museum at Skógar19th century housesI just love them...parlour of the better-offBeing a tourist for a day or twoBeing a tourist for a day or twoearly 20th centuryBeing a tourist for a day or twoBeing a tourist for a day or twoBeing a tourist for a day or twosouthern coastal lineBeing a tourist for a day or twothe arch of DyrhólaeyReynisdrangar rock columnsBeing a tourist for a day or twothe Mýrdalsjökull glacierthe 120 m high headland of Dyrhólaeythe famous arctic glacier lagoon......which didn't prove to be so spectacular after allBeing a tourist for a day or two

Today I became one of those damn annoying and slightly embarrassing tourists that populate Iceland. It seems that there are two groups of tourists. In fact, most of them are Asian, or American or both! They drive from one touristy highlight to the next, get out of the car, take some pictures by standing in everyone else's way and hit the road again. The second group, presumably of Central European origin, looks as if they've just come out of the Globetrotter store, so well-equipped are they. Among them I actually feel kind of underdressed despite my expensive Meindl hiking boots ;-)

I'm having two days off, and I did what I would never do in Germany: I drove 500 km eastwards along the coast stopping at all the tourist highlights along the way.  It was a day full of extraordinary views and impressions (just look at the pictures!). What's more, no shit shoveling for two days, a clean bathroom for 150,- € per night (the cheapest accomodation I could find in the area, not even breakfast provided, but it was still worth it) and the great feeling of being free to go where I wanna go.

The family car I kindly was allowed to borrow again is a very old Toyota, with a mileage of 250.000 km and many actually useful functions which don't work anymore. For example if you want to refuel, you need to break open the fuel tank with an old bread knife because it doesn't open otherwise, or the rear doors don't open from the outside because the door handles are broken. I hope you've got a picture in your mind of what the car actually looks like. Please don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the fact that I'm allowed to use it, but with this great distance of 500 km ahead I was a bit afraid this morning of having a mechanical breakdown somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, my sense of adventure was much stronger and I didn't let these conditions prevent me from taking gravel roads which were actually recommended for cars having a 4-wheel-drive only. I love exploring new areas!

I safely made it, otherwise you wouldn't be able to enjoy the pictures ;-)



Really, very beautiful pictures, especially those with the brave girl wearing sunglasses. Who made them ? A Chinese? 
Schade, keine Trolls zu sehen!
Nach Osten fahren ist in Deutschland auch keine gute Idee. 
Schön finde ich, dass die gleichen Typen auch IM Globetrotter aussehen als wären sie auf einer Islandexpedition, bzw. Bergtour.
OMG))!!! Good, that u didn't have trouble with car. The pics r amazing!
Ich fühle mich grad ein wenig ertappt, gehe ich doch so well-equipped auf jeden Hundespaziergang. 😬
The good thing about these people: you can always tell they are Germans and pick them out of a crowd without any doubts ;-)
But it's not bad to follow a tourist even if your “real life stories“ are as funny. Take care.
Ok....I love the visuals from the day's adventure.  The coastline is stunning. and so are you in your stylish shades.  Take away lesson for today, which is not new for you, honor who you are, live simple and be resourceful.  
With all the houses covered with moss, it looks like Hobbit-land :) do there still live people? Seems to be from the last century 🤔

I was wondering if you felt cold at this place with all the ice in the water, so better to be a well-equipped Globetrotter than a freezing Chinese 😂
Island ist tierisch teuer, aber absolut lohnenswert :-)