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Malaysia 🇲🇾 - hati hati memandu

We know its been a while since our last blog, but the last weeks have been really exhausting. Before crossing the border from thailand to malaysia we met the two crazy, lovely ladies brigitte and yvonne again and we travelled together with them to Malaysia. With their Hyundai santa fe named Charly. Many of you know already of how strict Australia is, regarding the temporary import of Rosy, so we cleaned her for almost one month! Before the cleaning we spent a great time at Langkawi island visiting the sky bridge. Then we made our way to Penang, where we stayed two days in George Town, the capital of Penang. What a great city. After it, we were so looking forward to the Cameron Highlands, as the temperatures are much cooler there. This was just great after many months with more than 30 degrees, which made it almost impossible to sleep in the car. After visiting these areas we headed to Kuala Lumpur, to start cleaning the cars. We have read a lot about how people had cleaned their cars but we really didn‘t expect that it was that much work! In Bangkok we got a contact from a friend, where we could clean the car and also repair some broken parts! It was a Land Rover garage with lots of great people who supported us with the cleaning. We even got a Range Rover from them for the time of cleaning, so we could drive on our own to the garage from our appartment at i- city and back. After about one month of cleaning we brought Rosy to a wash shop, to clean her one final time, and then she was picked up by a car - carrier and brought to the container. So Rosy says  „Good bye Asia“! after more than 10 months here. 

If someone is still wondering what hati hati memandu means, it means drive careful! Malay is sometimes a really funny language and this was the first sentence we have learned in Malaysia.  Bye the way its the only asian language we could imagine to learn, cause some words are quite similar to the english language like : taxi - teksi, ticket - tiket, police - polis, name - nama, two - dua...


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