Going on an adventure☺️

Following the coast up north

Finally, the dealer needed 2 days to fix our Silver Phoenix. We took advantage of being stuck in Christchurch returned tools, bought missing parts to finish Phoenix’s inside, stocked up food, etc. but are glad to be out of the city now again - hopefully for a whole bunch of weeks now😜 

Due to weather forecasts predicting a cool, rainy and windy front from Antarctica for nearly the whole South Island, we tried to find the area which seems to be least effected. Looks like that is going to be the Marlborough Region on the beautiful North/East Coast, mainly known for it’s delicious Chardonnay - as soon as my annual January intestinal cleansing is over I will enjoy a good bottle of it🍾😁

Our first stop was the Kaikoura area, one of New Zealand’s main whale/dolphin watching areas. We went for an exciting walk along a rough part of its coast, nearly getting caught in the spectacular waves because of incoming tide - for someone growing up inland its just incredible how rough the ocean can be😅 After lunch at a more gentle part of the coast we set up our camp on Puhi Puhi Campground in the surrounding mountain forests. Most people who come here spend all their time near the ocean to see whales, dolphins, seals or to surf, but the surrounding mountains are beautiful, too. They offer some great views as well as nice hiking trails through native forests. Most of it is regrown, though, as the area was logged down nearly completely in order to creat farmland - I guess tourism is more profitable nowadays so the forest can recover again🙏🏻
After a night there, SH1 offered some gorgeous sceneries, seeing one seal colony next to each other, while driving further up north. We are staying on Marfells Beach now for two days, as I need time to study and Steve wants to proceed with Phoenix’s inner parts, before we head up to the bay area east of Picton.
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