Svea in South Africa Part 2

She is back. Back again, Svea's back, tell a friend. This blog will not only capture my great, great memories during my time in South Africa but will also serve as a place to vent, complain and share my rawwww emotions. Feel free to read about my not-so-daily, awesome experiences in this exciting time of my life. In case you feel like policing me about my blog, write your criticism on a piece of paper, scrunch it up at eat it. Gday.

The next chapter: Hello Port Alfred

Here I am now, sitting in my bed in Port Alfred at 7:04 writing this blog post.

How the fuck does time go so fast?

Two days ago around this time I woke up, went to have breakfast with my parents and Jet (ofc greeted Risiki first!!!) and then continued with my day.

I might upload some picture highlights from Kenya with Jet because it was fun.
What was also fun was that Jet forgot to pay the taxi driver and he was very confusion when he came to pick me up. But that's okay Jet, atleast your head is attached to your neck right?

Yesterday at 5:00 AM I woke up because me the overall genius turned off her alarm at 4:50 as the taxi arrived at 5:00. There I was, being waken up by my dad, not understanding the world. I actually thought we had to wake up for another safari. Weird that I had to leave already.

But I got up, got dressed, said goodbye and went into the taxi. I was a bit scared that I'd be late because it was full at the check in and visa but hey it all worked out and I still sat an hour at the gate.

I didn't even try to sleep and straight up watched two movies and had breakfast.

The steward was a funny guy, he said "Poached egg, sausage or vegetarian" I said "vegetarian" and he said "ohhh you going healthy today".  Sure thing man.

At 11AM I arrived and went through the once again scary visa regulations thingy as I was told that you were not allowed to leave the country if you had a student visa. Let me tell you people: You are. How the fuck are they gonna keep you in? What's their reason to keep you out?

Whatever. I picked up my suitcase and checked it in again.

Ariana had the same flight as me to Port Elizabeth so I waited for her. 

There she came with her mum and sister. It was a bit awkward at first but then we went for lunch and there was a puppy and it was fine then. She even invited me, that was really nice of her.

We went through the next security check, Ariana said goodbye to her family and we went into the next plane. We had aaaalll empty seats next to us. I could have laid down and slept for a bit but for whatever reason, I didn't.

We arrived in PE, went out of the plane quick quick, got our luggage within 10 mins and went to find the bus driver.

Fun fact: Craig was there! It was so nice to see him again!

We had to wait for a plane that was delayed and would leave after that.
Two other girls were waiting for two hours already, but they still seemed very nice!

Apparently only five of the students had informed Stenden that they'd arrive on the Saturday (or it was a misunderstanding) so there was only one bus for 12 people (of which 2 seats were already occupied by staff) for 11 people and 17 suitcases! The best part was that my suitcase was the only one that didn't make it into our bus and went with the other 4 students and the bus driver.


It took long until we arrived. It was already dark when we did. We were divided into the different houses and rooms and made our way to those. I gotta say, I was kind of relieved when I saw the room because I thought we had to share a bathroom with 10 people but we have our own one, wuuuhuuu. Other than that it's quite basic, but it's okay. I will manage.

I think I am allergic to something in this room though. I have sneezed at night and my nose is stuffed plus I have this itchy feeling. Maybe it's the dust.

Julia texted me while we were in the bus and welcomed me with open arms and a big smile when I arrived. I think she might be really lonely now that the other girls she had clung to are gone. I hope she won't cling to us now... Ariana described it quite well: She drains energy.

We went for dinner and went back to the room where I could have gone to bed already. I decided to be an adult though and had a shower first and then unpacked a bit.

Then I decided to be a baby and go to sleep at 10:15PM. But hey, I only slept 5 hours the night before.